Purisure Beta Alanine Powder 1kg (1,334 Servings) – Bulk Pre Workout Nutrition – Unflavored Supplement

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Brand Purisure
Item form Powder
Item weight 1 Kilograms
Unit count 250 gram

  • Endurance During Workout: Beta Alanine supports high concentrations of carnosine content in the muscles. Carnosine, a compound made up of the amino acids histidine and alanine, serves as a buffering agent that promotes optimal muscle pH levels, and thus extends muscle endurance by delaying fatigue.
  • Train Harder and Longer: It improves performance the longer you take it. Studies have shown that continued supplementation increases muscular endurance during resistance training.
  • Increase Muscle Mass: By increasing carnosine content in muscles, Beta Alanine positively affects your power, endurance, and lean body mass. Studies have found that, compared to performing high intensity exercise alone, taking Beta Alanine along with training improves lean body mass.
  • Recovery Time: Beta Alanine is known to increase athletic performance and promote recovery as well as other aspects of endurance, including lengthening the time of exhaustion and delaying muscle fatigue. It is best paired with citrulline malate, taurine, creatine, BCAA, and glutamine for optimum athletic performance. Our Beta Alanine powder is easy to stack with other supplements.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Beta-Alanine helps to give you the energy and strength you need to achieve real results. Not 100% satisfied? Let us know and we will issue you a refund at any time.