Plum Skinny® 30 Count – 1 A Day- for Both Women and Men

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  • Plum Skinny Capsaicinoids (from capsicum fruit extract) helps promote lipolysis and supports the mobilization of fats for energy production, two keys to healthy weight management regime.
  • Capsaicinoids have several activities in the body. They stimulate thermogenesis, the process of generating heat energy by breaking down our bodies’ main unit of energy, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
  • Plum Skinny only 1 A Day for your weight management needs
  • Capsaicinoids also stimulate an enzyme called lipase, which breaks down the fat in our bodies so we can use it for fuel. Both of these processes occur in one of our bodies’ two types of fat tissue, brown fat and white fat. Also known as brown adipose tissue (BAT), brown fat is more active than our other type of fat, white fat (white adipose tissue – WAT). These actions suggest that Capsaicinoids increase energy expenditure and may help decrease fat mass.
  • Capsaicinoids have been used by men and women of various ages to examine the effect of capsaicinoids on normal weight, overweight and obese individuals

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