NF Sports Creatine – Naturally Occurring Amino Acid That Reduces Muscle Fatigue – Naturally Supporting Lean Muscle Mass And Sh

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Brand NF Sports
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Item dimensions L x W x H 38 x 13 x 216 millimetres

  • INCREASES MUSCLE STRENGTH AND SIZE | Creatine is backed by research to support adenosine triphosphate (ATP) formation for improved strength, power, and an increase in muscle. By improving muscle hydration and temperature regulation Creatine can help your overall performance and reach your goal strength.
  • ENHANCES RECOVERY | By using the chemicals that are naturally present in your body Creatine can not only help you build strength, but helps you create energy and recover faster.
  • IMPROVES SPRINT PERFORMANCE & ANAEROBIC CAPACITY | ATP (adrenaline triphosphate) is a chemical form of energy your body uses to move. Creatine helps increase these ATP stores in your body to improve intense short duration performance.
  • ENHANCES BRAIN FUNCTION & BONE HEALING | By working with the natural chemicals in your body Creatine can improve brain function and help with bone healing.
  • REDUCES SARCOPENIA (AGE RELATED MUSCLE LOSS) | This FDA approved product works with your body, not against your body. By using the formulas your body is use to, this product will increase energy while reducing sarcopenia.

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