Megadren- The Science Of Size and Performance- Muscle Builder and Stamina Supplement- Increase Power and Build Lean Muscle- Diet


Brand Megadren
Item form Capsule
Colour Black
Unit count 60 count
Item dimensions L x W x H 5.1 x 5.1 x 10.2 centimetres
Model name Megadren

  • Megadren contains a high dose of L-Arginine. This is considered to be essential for building large muscles as they have a direct effect on the body’s ability to utilize protein and to increase muscle mass.
  • Megadren will help pack on muscle mass, improve energy, increase stamina, build strength, and leave you looking/feeling your best.
  • Megadren also provides added support for overall health.
  • The formula also helps to improve the vasodilation process of blood vessels, which causes blood circulation to increase and muscles to gain access to more blood, nutrients and oxygen. This may also have additional benefits for healthy heart function and for preserving brain function.

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