JYM Supplement Science Plant Jym Chocolate Hazelnut, 2 Lb, Chocolate Hazelnut, 2 Pound


Flavour Chocolate Hazelnut
Brand JYM Supplement Science
Item weight 2 Pounds
Item dimensions L x W x H 15.2 x 15.2 x 25.4 centimetres

  • YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR TASTE BUDS —The flavor and mouthfeel of the Plant Jym is so insanely good it’s hard to believe it’s even a plant protein. It doesn’t take like on AT ALL, especially since it’s dairy free. Like all JYM Supplement Science, nutritional solutions, taste and texture are unparalleled with the Plant Jym. Rest assured you have never had anything that tastes this good with 24g of plant based protein, only 5g of carbs, and 0 fillers that are dairy-free.
  • RECOVERY FOCUSED FORMULATION – Plant JYM contains 5 grams of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and specifically 2.5 grams of leucine, Plant JYM meets this threshold to trigger muscle protein synthesis. This is critical in helping to accelerate recovery from any type of training session while also helping to limit delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). These help round out the formulation to ensure a proper amino acid profile to include all essential amino acids (EAA) in their optimal ratios.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN & DAIRY-FREE WITHOUT EXCESS CALORIES—The Plant JYM serves as an excellent source of protein at only 140 calories per serving. The combination of pea protein isolate and rice protein isolate provides you with critical macro-nutrients. These key protein sources help to ensure optimal recovery any time of the day without added calories, dairy, soy, or junk.
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH & GRIT FREE – While most plant proteins are created with good intentions, they can’t escape the typical grit and chalkiness associated with them. Plant JYM on the other hand is silky smooth with a decadent creamy texture. This technological breakthrough allows Plant JYM to be mixed effortlessly in a shaker or in a blender for your more creative recipes. It also mixes well with fruits and other ingredients of your choice to make a custom macro & micronutrient dense smoothie to your personal liking.
  • STACKING MADE EASY – Plant JYM works synergistically within the JYM Supplement Science line that includes the award winning Pre JYM, Vita JYM, Omega JYM, and much more. Nowhere else will you find a COMPLETE health and fitness solution that incorporates training, diet strategy, and nutraceuticals designed by Yale PhD, Dr. Jim Stoppani. If you want REAL results, join the #JYMARMY today for a new you tomorrow.

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