Fat Burner Supplements by Vascular Nutrition

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Brand Vascular Nutrition
Item form Capsule
Flavour Natural
Colour Green Tea
Package information Bottle
Unit count 150 count

  • FAST-ACTING WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT PILLS - Our natural fat burner supplement targets body fat, reduces appetite, and boosts exercise endurance to help athletes achieve their desired lean physique without sacrificing mass.
  • APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS FORMULA - Vascular fat burner capsules are formulated with natural green tea and enhanced with HCAs to promote weight loss by suppressing the urge to eat and helping the speed of recovery after exercise. Our specialized formula pushes your body for max results by supporting your body to burn fat throughout the day.
  • NATURAL GREEN TEA FAT LOSS - This natural green tea fat loss formula supports an active lifestyle. Green Tea Fat Burner supplements are also known for boosting energy, take 20-30-minutes before training/workouts and once a day on non-training days for constant fat-burning support.
  • STACK THE BENEFITS - Pair fat burner capsules with Vascular Nutrition’s complete supplement stacks for bodybuilders including pre-workout, BCAA powder, and whey isolate protein powder for maximum benefits and results.
  • PREMIUM ATHLETE-TRUSTED SUPPLEMENTS - Vascular Nutrition’s pure supplements are created with premium ingredients of the highest quality to ensure only the best fuel for your body. Athletes choose Vascular Nutrition because they know and trust in our all-gains, no-fluff supplements with no added fillers, dyes, or added sugars.

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