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Brand MuscleTech
Item form Powder
Item weight 1 Pounds
Unit count 614 gram
Item dimensions L x W x H 12.1 x 12.1 x 15.2 centimetres

  • PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING FORMULA – Designed to supply your body with the critical BCAAs you need to boost strength and recovery.
  • BUILD 3.75 LBS. OF LEAN MUSCLE IN 6 WEEKS – Subjects using the exact dose of betaine built 3.75 lbs. of lean muscle in 6 weeks compared to 0.66 lbs. by the placebo group.
  • BOOST STRENGTH BY 40% – Has the same 4g dose of leucine shown in a research study (conducted at a leading international university) to help subjects increase their 5-rep max strength by 40%!
  • BOOST ENDURANCE FROM THE FIRST DOSE – The 1g dose of taurine found in a full serving has been shown by research on trained athletes to enhance endurance performance.
  • REPLENISH ELECTROLYTES – Delivers coconut water and watermelon juice, plus essential electrolytes to help replace what is lost during exercise.

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