Amino Man R5 Aminos | Recovery and Sleep Enhancing Supplement | 100% Natural


  • Developed by UK registered nutritionist Matt Lovell, R5 Aminos from Amino Man has been the go to supplement for fast recovery and restful sleep for many years.
  • A mix of calming aminos designed to encourage deep sleep and optimise normal growth hormone release.
  • A complex mix of zinc and magnesium alongside antioxidant enzyme supporting minerals and good doses of b-vitamins, including B6, methyl folate and B12.
  • Users continually report faster recovery, decreased soreness and a deeper more restful sleep.
  • “I have used a lot of products for over many years and this one stands out. The ingredients are hand-picked for their efficacy and together they create a synergy that you can feel. I felt significantly better after taking this product for a few days. I slept better and more deeply and I woke up feeling much more refreshed while taking it” Andreas (verified buyer)

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